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July President Message


The other day as I was thinking about this summer and ham radio a song by Kool and the Gang came to mind.

“This is your celebration,

Celebrate the good times,

Come on now, celebration,

It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure?”

Why is it a good time to celebrate???

Well we just finished with KH1/KH7Z. From the chatter I saw on slack and elsewhere, in spite of difficult propagation and band conditions, we were pretty successful. It was an ATNO for me.

Field Day sounded like everyone had fun, lots of activity, and an opportunity for learning.

Individual stations are being upgraded, repaired, and undergoing maintenance.

We have WRTC 2018 in 2 weeks. Holger, ZL3IO, and Xenia, ZL4YL,his daughte are contestants. He spoke at our club last year, and they were both at Visalia. They were highlighted in the recent issue of NCJ. While there is a lot of information available, the last issue of CQ has a good overview. If you are not familiar with WRTC, I would recommend reading it. Rick, N6XI,, who was featured in this week’s QSO Today, will be in it again. I enjoyed the book “Contact Sport”, which is a fascinating account of WRTC 2014.

CW Academy starts in September. This is a great opportunity to learn or increase CW, and thanks to volunteer instructors, it is free.

Our annual summer BBQ is coming up in August. The information is on the website calendar.

The 13 colonies was fun, and will be another certificate to show the grandkids.

Wayne, N7NG, has his BBQ at his residence in Wyoming for Dx’ers in August.

And much more!!

So yes, there is lots to celebrate for. So like the song says “it’s up to you, what’s your pleasure?”

Have a wonderful celebration of the hobby.

73 KF7ZN Ron