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Club BBQ 2016

Hi all,
We are on our summer break.  
Please join us for our next event, the Club BBQ at the shack of Richard Harris NI7F, on Saturday August 20th at 4 pm. We will begin getting together from 4pm and food will be served at 5:30. The club will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments and drinks. Please bring a side dish to share and folding chairs for those in your group.
Click here for QTH map: 589 E 1400 S, MAPLETON, UT 84664-5025 
  Take 400 south Springville exit on freeway
  Head east until you get to State street in Springville where you turn right
  Stay in right lane curving to right
  Stay on this road until you get to stoplight at 1600 south where you turn left
  After about 2 miles turn left on 600 east and his home is 2 blocks after this turn


Hal Turley (W8HC) Presentation June 15th

Hey gang,

We are excited that veteran Pacific DXpeditioner Hal Turley (W8HC) is visiting Utah this month and will make a presentation to the UDXA on Wednesday, June 15th at the Select Health buliding in Murray (just west off I-15 @ 53rd South).

Hal has served as ARRL SM for West Virginia for two terms and is past president of the West Virginia DX Association. An avid DXer and contester, Hal is on top of the DXCC Honor Roll with 349 entities and has 9-band DXCC. 

His DXpeditions to the Pacific are many, including participating in successful activations of:

  • 2012 Swains Island (NH8S)
  • 2013 Wake Island Commemoration (K9W)
  • 2015 Willis Island (VK9WA)
  • 2016 Palmyra Atoll (K5P)
Please join us for this special meeting prior to Field Day to learn from Hal's experience in working both sides of the pileups, and gain insight from him as to what it takes to secure permits, plan, and execute the activation of rare entities.


DX LABS NPOTA Instructions


UDXA Intra-Club 2016 Contest

For more information on the 2016 DX Marathon please visit the following address:


Election Results!

At the very enjoyable Christmas party held last Saturday at the home of Dan and Debi Bishop, the annual elections were held for club officers. The officers elected for the 2016 year are:

President: Bob Carter, WR7Q
Vice President: John Mitton, KK7L
Secretary: Bryon Densley, W7RIV
Treasurer: Charles Mayne, WF0V
Director: Bob Craven, N7GTE

Past President: Darryl Hazelgren, K7UT
Director: George Hirst, WF4U

Congratulations to the winners. Good luck and much success in the coming year.


Constitution / Bylaws

The UDXA Board of Directors proposed several ammendments to the UDXA Constitution and By-laws which were presented to the membership in the November meeting and were voted on at the December meeting. The voting was unanimous in the affirmative. The ammended Constitution and By-laws are posted to the website.


UDXA Officer Candidates for 2016

The Nominating Committee presented a slate of officers for 2016 during the November club meeting. Here are biographies of the guys you will be able to vote for at the December meeting: Candidates


Proposed Changes to Constitution

The Board of Directors has proposed several changes to the Constitution and By-laws of the organization. Membership will be asked to vote on these proposed changes at the December meeting. A complete copy of these documents with additions shown in boldface and deletions shown in strikeover are available to be downloaded here: Proposed Changes


A Bear of a Station

A Bear of a Station
Some History of Clyde De Vinna, K7UT 1932-33

I recently received an email from Bob Ballou (ex-LU8XQ, 1960-62) who had an interesting artifact and wondered if I could help him find a suitable home for it. The item in question was an ivory tusk carved polar bear engraved "To K6EWQ - A BEAR OF A STATION - FROM K7UT 1932-33”.

In the email he explained,

“My dad was a ham radio guy (member Quarter Century Club long ago - NU-6EEZ before I was born, W6BET when I was a kid, and W7JSZ when he retired). He was Chief Radioman on the USS Hoover when I was born (1939) before WWII and worked on the Manhattan Project during the war at Berkeley with L.O. Lawrence. He did 60 wpm which drove me crazy trying to read him when learning Morse Code for Boy Scouts. I have his "Bug" but could never get to that kind of speed!

I am the nephew of long deceased Atlas O. Adams see who was in the US Army and who I've been told was General Patton's radioman in Europe for a time before becoming the civilian station chief for Globe Wireless in Manilla and later in Tokyo, where he died in the mid-1950s.

Now to the point of my message....I inherited some items from my aunt when she passed a few years ago, among which is an ivory tusk carved polar bear engraved "To K6EWQ - A BEAR OF A STATION -FROM K7UT 1932-33”.

I did a Google search on the Internet to find both stations and I see from a QSL card posted at that K6EWQ was located at the Army's Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. That makes sense because my aunt's husband back then was A. O. Adams, who is shown on the QSL card as the AO. He went on to become General Patton's radio operator during WWII and then was Station Chief in both Manilla and Tokyo for Globe Wireless. He died from a heart attack back in the late 1950s.
All of this to say that since I'm not involved in ham radio now, I think this carved memento should be in some ham radio museum somewhere or in the possession of someone who will value it for the ages. Maybe the Army (though I doubt it) or ARRL (maybe) or some other institution. What think you?”

As we corresponded some and did some investigation Bob discovered an article A Vagabond Ham excerpted from Clinton B. DeSoto's book, Calling CQ. Bob wrote,

“It would appear that this bear was sent to the operators of K6EWQ by Clyde De Vinna in 1933 to express his appreciation for the role K6EWQ played in saving his life at Teller Bay while he was filming the movie Eskimo in Alaska.”

DeSoto tells the heroic story in that article – it’s a great read:

The film Eskimo referenced in the article was released in 1933. See The trailer is great fun to watch.

I found a biography of Clinton De Vinna on Wikipedia that details a long and illustrious career as a cinematographer:

Clyde De Vinna (born July 13, 1890 in Sedalia, Missouri, died July 26, 1953 in Los Angeles, California) was an American film and television cinematographer and director of photography. He won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography for White Shadows in the South Seas[1] presented by American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1930 at their 2nd Academy Awards show.[2][3][4]

De Vinna was cinematographer on over 120 film and television projects from 1916 through 1953. He graduated from the University of Arkansas and began his career began when he joined Inceville studios in 1915 as First Cameraman.[5] In 1916, he shot The Raiders, the first film to be shot at what was to become MGM.[1]

He was also an avid ham radio enthusiast, serving as an army radio operator, and carrying a portable transmitter with him on all location shoots.[6] While shooting Trader Horn (1931) on location in Kenya, he seconded as the project's ham radio operator, keeping the production crew in the African bush in contact with their base camp in Nairobi.[7][8]

When on location in Alaska for eleven months for the filming of Eskimo (1933), he kept the production company in contact with their base.[6][8] While working in a small shack made air-tight against the cold, De Vinna was in short wave contact with a ham operator in New Zealand, and was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes emitted by his gasoline heater. When De Vinna's keystrokes faltered, the ham in New Zealand realized something was wrong, and put out a call for help to a ham in Hawaii, who in turn relayed the message to a ham in Alaska, which led to De Vinna receiving the necessary emergency aid.[6][8]

De Vinna's life as a cameraman, world traveler, and adventurer was captured in the 1939 Pete Smith MGM short film Radio Hams, written by Buddy Adler and directed by Felix E. Feist, with actor Alonzo Price starring as Clyde De Vinna.[9]

De Vinna was also accomplished in aerial cinematography. His scenes shot in Air Cadet, were referred to as "exciting air sequences" that were the "true highlights in this routine drama".[10]

I was able to put Bob in touch with Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, at ARRL headquarters and Rod Blocksome K0DAS, who chairs ARRL’s Historical Committee and am satisfied that the little bear will find a home at the league.



DXpedition Support

 The UDXA board approved and forwarded two donations this week to support upcoming DXpeditions.

The first was $250.00 to help support the VP8STI (South Sandwich Island, #3 Most Wanted Entity) and VP8SGI (South Georgia, #8 Most Wanted Entity) DXpedition scheduled for January/February 2016. The request came from David Collingham, K3LP and Paul Ewing, N6PSE, both Honorary Members of UDXA who have visited with us and presented programs in our club meetings. 

The second was $400.00 to help support the VK9WA (Willis Island) DXpedition scheduled for November 12-21, 2015. The DXpedtion Co-Leader is our own Jared Smith, N7SMI. We wish him Godspeed and great operating conditions!

We are sure many individuals in the the club will support these efforts as well. And, we hope you all have an opportunity to put these DXpeditions in your log.