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June 2019

Hello again Utah DXers! 

We want to extend a warm welcome to new UDXA members W1YMI, K7RHE, N7JEH, WU7F, KM1E, and NM7P.

Well, at long last its feeling like summertime around here and the long June days make for early-rising to work some of the grey-line DX pathways. One such came my way early Saturday morning when the ever intrepid Rebel DX Group finally made landfall on Conway Reef and 3D2CR was booming into here 40 meter CW. Conway is a seriously-rare entity, and who knows how much longer Dom and the other two operators will be able to stay on the little island - now stripped of all vegetation from a recent cyclone and the support catamaran anchored a mile offshore... Go work 'em folks!

* * *

Speaking of losing sleep, by now those who attended last month's meeting should be fully equipped with the mobile apps we reviewed and are getting cell-phone alerts at all hours when a needed DX entity is being heard in our area. The couch never felt so comfortable.

* * *

As with many DX clubs we like to place some of our dues revenue toward supporting DXpeditions. Not only does this help get the rare ones on the air, but it also puts our club on the map when we are seeking speakers to share their experiences. In the past few years have been fortunate to have some top DXers and contesters join us in person and over videoconference: including Jim Mornar (N9TK), Paul Ewing (N6PSE) and Holger Hannemann (ZM4T). 

As a small club we can typically donate about $100 to $500 to any one DXpedition. But with your help we can do much more. If you are planning to donate to a DXpedition please consider allocating some of this to flow via the club! For example, if you were going to donate $50 to the 2020 South Orkney group you could make a $10 donation directly on their web site (ensuring LoTW confirmations from the island), and send the remaining $40 to them via our club.

Under this plan, the Board has approved up to a $250 in matching funding for the South Orkney group. Please send your donations for this DXpedition via PayPal, to UDXASSOCIATION@GMAIL.COM and include your call sign in the "add a note" field. We hope to send at least $500 to this worthy effort soon, thanks!!!

* * *

It looks like Yours Truly will again be heading to Tuvalu (Clublog #78) at the end of this month for some humanitarian HF Emcomm setup and training to help cyclone-prone remote island communities. This is in continuation of the efforts fellow UDXA member Jared (N7SMI) and I kicked-off a few years ago. See Jan 2017 QST for details.

There are probably a few of you newcomers who need T2 for an all time new one (ATNO). If so please contact me so we can set up some schedules to get you in the log. I should be QRV with 500 watts on 80 through 10 meters, all modes.

* * *

As for summer activities, be looking for e-mails regarding the K7UM Field Day and DXCC challenge, and the Summer Picnic on July 31st at Bountiful City Park. And for those who are learning CW please join us for our weekly QRS nets on 3.555 mHz each Tuesday evening at 8:00pm local time - details at