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CW Practice

Morse Code (or CW) continues to play an important role in DXing, contesting, and in providing reliable communications in even the most demanding conditions. And its a lot of fun to operate too! To help foster CW skills in our region we invite all interested to participate in short weekly slow-speed practice nets as follows:

Time: Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm Mountain Time
Frequency: 3.555 mHz +/-

There is no check in list. After the QRZ simply send your call sign for Net Control to acknowledge. You will later be called with PLS QTC after which you can send DE {your call sign} and a brief phrase.

Participants are encouraged to copy call signs and the brief phrases.

Our plan is to host these sessions throughout the summer months to gauge interest, and hopefully make it a permanent on-air activity.


John Mitton (KK7L) 
Utah DX Association President